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integrated design

Our integrated design approach provides a single source for your design requirements, eliminating the need to obtain different points of presence from multiple vendors - saving you time and money. From traditional printed media to state-of-the-art website design, jx has the broad experience and expertise to bring your information and identity to life.

consistent design

Our integrated system brings the added benefit of design consistency to all your media. Design elements replicated across different media not only reinforce your identity but additionally suggest values such as trust, security and integrity.

collaborative design

Integrated also signifies our intention to work with you with an understanding of your organisation that informs and guides our design process – there is no 'blind' design work at jx. Whatever the size of your project, it will be managed with you and your work at its heart.

bespoke, always

An increasing number of website design companies are turning to the use of pre-designed templates to simplify their development process. We believe this is fundamentally wrong. Instead, your site is created from a clean slate; we don't try and shoehorn your site into a pre-existing and inappropriate template design. Instead, we recognise your individuality and strongly believe you should have a flexible custom-designed site to match.


Our managed approach ensures attention to detail at all stages, including endpoints. If you require a finished print product we will utilise a quality trusted print house, alternatively, we can supply print-ready artwork. For publication usage, such as advertising, we will liaise with your publisher to ensure our artwork matches their specifications. Whilst, for websites, we won't leave you high and dry when the design is complete - all our sites are provided with one year of free hosting and email provision.

core coding

At jx design website creation is a core extension of our design services, not a 'bolted-on' afterthought. By blending the work of our designers with web coding professionals we create websites that not only look good on the outside but also contain standards-compliant, up-to-date code on the inside - ensuring they work across different platforms, aid accessibility and facilitate search-engine indexing.

jx, intelligent design, from creation to production

jx is a young, but rapidly growing, design studio based in South East England. Whilst we will happily provide design services to all clients, we specialise in the delivery of print and digital media to the scientific, technical, medical and education sectors. Our previous work-based experience within these fields gives us a solid understanding of the specific style, language and approach required for such projects.


Client care is a cornerstone of our business and we refuse to work as a design 'factory' so, for this reason, we work to a quality assurance remit; only taking on new work when we can deliver 100% to the client and their project.


Our varied backgrounds in scientific research, technical design and programming have taught us that the best way to get information across is through clear, uncluttered designs that intelligently prioritise and structure information. After all, when their primary function is to deliver information, print and digital media should do so in the most accessible way possible with designs supporting, not overwhelming, the content.